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In many cases, a qualified lawyer in tax law can cancel the decision of the tax authority or significantly reduce the number of tax charges. An experienced tax lawyer is able to prepare an evidence base to confirm the taxpayer’s due diligence, the economic feasibility of a deal with a specific counterparty, the reality of business transactions and the reasonableness of the prices applied by the parties to the deal. Tax lawyers have extensive experience in various categories of tax disputes, including income tax disputes and VAT refunds disputes, and the successful long-standing practice of tax advice. They are engaged in accompanying organizations during cameral and on-site tax audits, negotiating with tax authorities in pre-trial proceedings and concluding pre-trial agreements, challenging decisions on the results of tax audits in superior tax authorities and arbitration courts.


Tax lawyer services: Tax Dispute Advisory Accompanying an employee during interrogation by the tax authority or the Ministry of Internal Affairs Preparation of objections to the tax audit report Preparation of an appeal against the decision of the tax authority following a tax audit Comprehensive support in the course of conducting field and cameral tax audits (working with the requests of tax authorities, preparing documents for submission to tax authorities, preparing and giving explanations to tax authorities) Challenging the decision of the tax authority on the basis of a tax audit in the arbitration court Challenging the decision of the tax authority to refuse to refund VAT in the pretrial order and in the arbitration court Protection in criminal cases initiated due to tax evasion. To find the best tax lawyer, use the legal directory site of Legal Ambassadors.

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