Spousal Support in Los Angeles

In case of divorce or separation of a couple, the best-known child support is that paid for children. However, it also distinguishes between the spouses under a duty of support from spouses may apply during the process of divorce. To defend your rights and interests or those of your children if the debtor refuses, go to the office of Los Angeles family law firm Land Legal Group, APC.


Your lawyer in family law can give you further explanations and advise you what to do. Spousal support attorney Los Angeles. Types of child support in divorce proceedings During the divorce proceedings, your Land Legal Group, APC Los Angeles lawyer assists you in the proceedings for the application for alimony for relief duties. Indeed, the marriage bonds continue even in the event of separation of the couple. His payment is ordered to the ex-husband by the Family Justice Judge when he finds a disparity in income.


Unlike the compensatory allowance, this pension can be adjusted upwards or downwards, or even eliminated depending on the situation. Child support is the contribution to their maintenance and education. It is paid by the spouse with whom the children do not usually reside. Its amount is evaluated according to the income of the paying parent. If you are the paying parent, she can also help you if you are unable to pay the pension due to financial hardship after the divorce. These can be caused by dismissal or a decrease in income . In this case, she assists you to request a review of the support before the Family Justice Judge.

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