Los Angeles Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

When you sign a prenup you are saying that you and your future spouse have come to an agreement on how all your assets will be distributed in the unfortunate event of a divorce. One of the biggest benefits of a prenuptial agreement is it gives you control, if you do not have one you are subject to state law on how your assets will be divided up. This allows you to get the best outcome if you and your spouse do end your marriage. Whitmarsh Family Law are a family law firm in Los Angeles who have helped many couples create a strong prenuptial agreement that holds up well in court. The best part of a prenuptial agreement is if you do not get divorced then there is no need for this document to ever be used, it is just an insurance plan for you as a couple.


Whitmarsh Family Law have been helping same-sex couples with their family law matters, including prenuptial agreements for over a decade. They understand how this type of law works. They can draft up a very good same-sex prenuptial agreement for the Los Angeles courts. You will want to share all your debts and assets in your prenuptial agreement, anything you do not include can be subject to state law. Los Angeles same-sex prenuptial agreement attorneys understand that in order for this contract to be valid both parties need to fully understand what they are signing and give their full consent when signing the document. You also want to make sure you give ample amount of time before your wedding to draft up, understand, and agree to this martial contract.

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