Hiring a San Diego Criminal Lawyer

How often are criminal lawyers needed?


Criminal lawyers are generally needed when someone has been accused of a crime. In some cases, criminal lawyers may be needed even if the person has not been formally charged with a crime. This is often the case when someone is being investigated for a crime. Griffin Law Office, APC is a criminal law firm in San Diego that has dedicated their careers to helping those who need representation.


What do criminal lawyers do?


The main job of criminal lawyers is to defend their clients. This means that they will work to ensure that their clients’ rights are protected and that they receive a fair trial. Criminal lawyers may also work to negotiate plea bargains with prosecutors. In some cases, criminal lawyers may also represent their clients in civil proceedings.


What are the qualifications for becoming a San Diego criminal lawyer?


In order to become a criminal lawyer, one must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. After that, one must attend law school and pass the bar exam. Once one has been admitted to the bar, they can then start practicing criminal law.


What are the different types of criminal lawyers?


There are many different types of criminal lawyers in San Diego. Some specialize in a certain type of crime, such as white-collar crime or drug crimes. Others may focus on a certain area of the law, such as constitutional law or evidence. Still others may choose to represent only defendants or only prosecutors.


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