Finding the Right Criminal Attorney

In the event that one is accused of committing a criminal offense, the task of finding the right criminal attorney becomes real. When one has been accused of a serious criminal offense and the likelihood of going to jail is high, they require the services of a criminal attorney. This is essentially a lawyer who has specialized in criminal law in Washington D.C. such as Lotze Mosley LLP.

The criminal attorney is charged with the duty of representing a person who may have been accused of committing a criminal offense. Criminal law is different from civil law on the basis that civil law involves private lawsuits between two parties. On the other hand, criminal law pits the accused on one side and the state or federal government on the other. Thus, on behalf of the accused, the criminal attorney bargains with prosecutors to get the charges reduced or dropped or the sentencing reduced. In criminal law as opposed to civil law, it is either the state or the federal government, depending on the circumstances, that sets off the suit against the accused. This is carried out through the prosecutor. It is upon the prosecutor in a criminal case to prove to the judge and/or the jury that the accused, known as the defendant to the prosecutor, is guilty of the crime for which they have been accused beyond any reasonable doubt.

It is important that anyone who has been accused of a crime find the right Lotze Mosley LLP criminal defense attorney. This is someone who is out to protect the interest of his or her accused client. In addition to being able to question the witnesses effectively, the right criminal defense attorney should also be one who is sharp as well as familiar with all the chief legal rules. It would be a complete nightmare going into court with an attorney who did not understand crucial legal rules. Again, the Lotze Mosley LLP attorney is able to spend adequate time gathering crucial information from prosecution witnesses. Moreover, the right defense attorney’s focus should be the client.

The Lotze Mosley LLP attorney works extra hard to prepare a sentencing program that is customized on the particular needs of the client. Immediately after one has been arrested and accused of committing a crime, the very first thing they should do is to look for and talk to a criminal defense attorney. At this point, the purpose of the attorney is to help the accused secure release in addition to providing insight as to how things are likely to unfold from then on. For those who may not know where to begin, by searching on the internet, they may be able to obtain important information on where they might get in touch with an attorney close to their home area.

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