Child Custody in Los Angeles

The obligation to reach agreement on all the important things is not always easy, especially if a large distance comes after the breakup. It is, therefore, possible, while maintaining common parental authority, to empower a parent in certain matters (eg medical treatment decisions) in general or in specific cases. Moreover, in matters of "significant importance", the Family Court may delegate the power of decision to either. It is clear from what has been said that maintaining parental authority after divorce requires that the parents maintain a minimum level of cooperation and can still "talk to one another". Los Angeles child custody attorney.


However, this is not always the case (unfortunately), so that then a transfer of parental care to a parent is necessary. If a parent applies for parental authority alone and the other person agrees, the family court will comply with this request unless a Los Angeles child over the age of fourteen objects to it. If there is no consensual solution and each parent claims parental custody alone, the dreaded "fight for the child" will ensue. Land Legal Group APC is a family law firm in Los Angeles.

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