Child Custody Attorney in Los Angeles

When you get divorced, separated, or you just broke up with your partner but there were children involved in the relationship, there is a high chance that you will need to contact a Los Angeles child custody attorney. The reason for this is, is because it is important for the child to see both parents, as well as it is important for both parents to see the child. Many people try to create their own child custody agreements, but when there is not a court order things can get very complex. One of the parents can try to refuse you to see the child, even though you two had a verbal agreement of every other week. The other parent can try to keep your child away from you, or they can try to ignore the child. This is why having a court ordered child custody agreement in Los Angeles can be hugely beneficial for structure purposes.


Land Legal Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles who have handled an abundant of child custody cases. Many people often believe that the mother will be sided with if they try to take their case to court. This is not the case. The courts in Los Angeles do not favor the mother over the father, their goal is to make the best decision for the child. The child’s best interest is what is taken into consideration. There are times the father is awarded more visitation rights than the mother. Don’t let this common misconception get in the way of you asking for time with your child. Your attorney will also preface your case with the fact that they want you to get visitation but that what is best for the child is the most important thing.

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