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It is the responsibility of the Tucson bankruptcy attorney to perform certain legal actions on behalf of and at the expense of the other party – the principal. A certified citizen or a legal entity (if allowed by its charter or statute) may be trusted. The actions performed by the Tucson bankruptcy attorney engender, modify or terminate the rights and obligations directly for the principal.


The Eric Ollason Attorney at Law in Tucson, is obliged to execute the order in strict accordance with the instructions of the principal: carry out the order personally, although in the cases provided for by the legislation he may transfer the execution of the order to another person; inform the principal on his request about the progress of the order; upon execution of the order, submit a report, transfer the property to the principalreceived in connection with the execution of the order. The Eric Ollason Attorney at Law has the right to refuse the contract of assignment, but is obliged to compensate for the losses caused by the termination of the contract under the conditions when the principal is deprived of the opportunity to otherwise secure his interests. Eric Ollason Attorney at Law is a Tucson based bankruptcy law firm who can assist those in need.

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