Los Angeles Child Custody Lawyers


If you are breaking up with your partner, and children are involved it can never be a clean break. You will need to have some sort of contact until your child is an adult. When you have a child both parents stay fully responsible for their well-being and financial needs, that doesn’t change when the parents break up. When you break up and can’t come to a mutual agreement on who the children live with, or when each person gets the see the kids, and who makes the major life choices for the children then you will need legal help. Los Angeles child custody lawyers are there to help those who are in need of getting a child custody agreement in place. Child custody is more than just visitation. Child custody is also relating to the major decisions on behalf of the child such as where they go to school and the medical care they receive.


In Los Angeles, many judges will rule in favor of the child. It is very rare that full custody is granted. There are instances when a parent is given no legal custody but is still given physical custody to a degree. There are many ways that custody can play out, you will want to have a flexible idea of how it could end. You will also want to tell your lawyer all the outcomes you would be okay with, you can’t expect to hire a lawyer and get full custody and that is it. The family law firm, Harris Family Law Group in Los Angeles is happy to help anyone who is in need a child custody agreement.

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