Work Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

If you have an accident at work in Los Angeles, you have the right to receive daily allowances from health insurance. If your work accident leaves you with a legacy, you can also benefit from an accident at work pension.

From the point of view of the Los Angeles repetitive motion work injury lawyer, there is no difference between accidents at work and commuting accidents.



When an employee is the victim of an industrial accident, he can claim, under conditions, compensation. In fact, insured persons who have lost their work due to an accident at work, benefit from a daily allowance (IJ) paid by the Social Security or by the employer, in case of maintenance of salary (subrogation).   This remuneration is paid to the insured to compensate for the loss of income. In addition, an employee who suffers an industrial accident and who is declared unfit to return to work or who has a sequela following his accident may receive, subject to conditions.


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