Truck accident lawyer

If in connection with a truck accident you incurred any costs ( treatment , rehabilitation , loss of remuneration as a result of a break in work, towing and repairing the car and others) – you have the right to compensation. Motor compensation As a result of a transport accident, you can claim personal compensation ( for damage to health or death – read it here ) or for property damages.. Claims for damages apply to all types of accidents in vehicular, air or sea traffic, including accidents caused by negligence of persons responsible for maintaining roads and pavements in proper condition. Compensation is also required for passengers transporting public transport, pedestrians or cyclists who have suffered damage from the fault of another driver. Proceeding in the event of an accident If you have an accident and intend to claim damages – always call an ambulance and police . If the traffic accident is not very serious, first of all the personal data of the witnesses of the event should be collected . You will need your name, address and telephone number for the accident witness. After a traffic accident, it is necessary to write down the details of the driver (name and surname of the accident offender, vehicle registration number and name of the insurer). If the perpetrator of a traffic accident is found guilty, you will be entitled to compensation. Law Offices of Weber & Weber are a Glendale based personal injury law firm waiting to help you in your case.

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