Child Custody

In times of divorce or separation determining the child custody can be a dilemma, this is because the decision can affect child emotionally. It is a trying task that requires the highest level of professional approach. The law governing matters concerning custody is complex therefore, you need a competent lawyer. The Law Office of David A. Martin and Associates has been a family law firm in Sacramento for a long time. Their lawyers are highly qualified with vast knowledge on family matters. They make sure that they work with the court and investigators to ensure that the most suitable parent is granted the custodial roles.

At The Law Office of David A. Martin and Associates, they make sure that their clients understand well some of most raised issues regarding the custody of a child. Some issues include:

Joint Custody

The law encourages courts to award joint legal custody in order to enable parents to make the vital decisions regarding their child. Some of the decisions include education and religion.

Sole Parent Custody

If the court finds that one parent is not fit, due to negligence, abuse, mental problem or drug use. It grants custody to one of the parents. This is done for the safety of the minor.


Having taking some of these issues into consideration,The Law Office of David A. Martin and Associates are always sure that their clients will understand the whole legal process.

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