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Personal injury refers to the material or immaterial disadvantage caused by injury to the body or health and the killing of a person. The simplest and most common example is a traffic accident involving cars, motorcycles or cyclists, which causes injuries. But the fall in an outdoor pool belongs in this category. Material damage means any direct or indirect financial adverse effect of the loss event. Direct material damages are costs which the injured person has to bear directly, such as the costs of the doctor’s visit. Indirect material damage means the loss of property of the injured party that does not arise directly from the loss event in the future, such as a reduction in earning capacity.

In addition to material damage, in the event of injury to the body or health, intangible damage must also be reimbursed, ie damage that is not attributable to the assets. This damage is synonymously referred to as non-pecuniary damage. Intangible damage affects the enjoyment of life and the quality of life. So simply the suffering of pain, why the victim is entitled to a so-called “compensation money”. In the case of the killing of a person, the immaterial claims for damages of the deceased pass to the heirs. The survivors may, however, also have their own claims for immaterial damages, including, for example, the so-called “shock damage”, If the body or health of a person has been affected, then no objective value approach, according to an expert opinion on property damage, can be set for injuries. The Binder & Associates knows no lump sums for sick days, the loss of limbs or percentages in the impairment of physical integrity. Binder & Associates are a Pasadena personal injury law firm who can help you in your cases.

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