Pedestrian accident attorney

Every driver is responsible for remaining alert for the safety of pedestrians. Unfortunately, most drivers are irresponsible, they ignore the rights of pedestrians which result to countless of avoidable pedestrians accidents. Pedestrian accident victims can seek compensation for the damages caused, medical expenses or even loss of income.

However, insurance companies that cover the irresponsible drivers attempt to place the blame on the victim to avoid their obligation. For this reason, it is prudent to hire an experienced attorney who will ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

At Fox & Fox Law Corporation, they have many years of experience protecting pedestrian accident victims. Their highly experienced attorneys represents clients who have been involved in pedestrian accidents leading to injuries which range from broken bones, brain and spine injury as well as soft tissue damage.

They work closely with you and get a complete understanding of the injuries you suffered and the impact the accident had on your life then devote all out attention in ensuring that you are fully compensated for the suffering and pain you went through. Contact them, a personal injury firm based in Sherman Oaks, and discuss your case and they will be glad to represent you.


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