How Lawyers Prevail At Product Liability Claims

Being a product liability lawyer Louisville can be gratifying for an attorney. The cases sometimes involve going up against very large corporations, which can make them exciting to participate in. The media oftentimes pick up on these cases and, sometimes, it turns out that a product was responsible for a lot of injuries and, in some cases, deaths and one product liability suit can end up helping a multitude of people who were all harmed by the same defective product. Product liability law represents something of a compromise between free-for-all capitalism and some sensible legal duties being placed upon manufacturers. Manufacturers are not necessarily liable for harm caused by their products. For example, guns, cars, boats, and parachutes are all products that have some inherent danger to them when they’re used as intended. When a consumer buys such a product, they’re accepting the risk that product presents.

These types of products also usually have warnings with them to not engage in certain types of behavior that will inevitably cause serious harm; don’t shoot a BB gun at someone’s eye, for example. These warnings may sometimes seem obvious, but they are just instances of the manufacturer acting in a responsible way toward their customers.

Product liability lawyer from Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC in Louisville also provides a way for consumers to take on corporations that have huge budgets for legal defense. In some instances, the companies choose to forego going to court over the matter and offer a settlement to the party suing them. This prevents the company from having to go to court to defend themselves and, most often prevents them from having to pay the sometimes very high expenses associated with this. If it’s pretty certain that the plaintiff is going to win their claim, the manufacturer may simply offer a settlement as a compromise. Sometimes, the jury awards handed out for product liability claims enable people to recover from the financial damage that can results when someone suffers an injury from a defective product.

If you are using a product according to its instructions and it proves to be dangerous, you may wish to consider contacting a product liability attorney. There is a chance that you have a lawsuit on your hands, but you’ll never know for certain unless you speak with a competent attorney from Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC in Louisville and see if they’re willing to represent you against the manufacturer in court.

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