Accident Attorney

Some people file up personal injury claim against insurance companies on their own especially when they only have mild injuries. However, hiring an accident attorney can really help you file a claim against big auto insurance companies. They are trained and licensed to provide a legal representation to you when you against any person, companies, agencies or entities.

When to hire an accident attorney

Many people hire an attorney only after they have been involved in a car accident in which they had personal injury or loss in money. You can hire an accident attorney in case of any of the following:

1. Auto accident injuries – These can be severe injuries, long term or permanently disabling injuries. In the case of permanent disabling injuries, your attorney may have to consult with the medical professionals you have seen.

2. Refusal to pay – This can be either refusal to pay maybe due to a disputed liability or refusal to pay a fair amount.

3. Disputed liability – This is when an insurance company claims you don’t have enough proof of fault and is therefore not able to pay for your damages. A personal injury law firm in Alexandria like Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC helps you provide proof that the other party was at fault.


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