A Truck Accident Lawyer in Las Cruces.

Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces. They are a trusted law firm that has been dealing with truck accident cases for over twenty five years. This means that they have helped and represented the people of Las Cruces in their truck accident cases for over two decades. They know what they are doing in the court room. They also want to ensure that you are getting the best representation in the courtroom. They know who to go after in which who caused the truck accident. 


Their skilled truck accident attorney Las Cruces knows how to investigate your accident. It could have been casued by the driver not being attentive, a malfunction in the truck, or a third party manufacture mistake. They will know which angle to take with your case. They will do all the work so you can focus on you and your recovery journey. They will fight for your loss of income and medical expenses. 

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