Los Angeles Child Custody Lawyers


If you are breaking up with your partner, and children are involved it can never be a clean break. You will need to have some sort of contact until your child is an adult. When you have a child both parents stay fully responsible for their well-being and financial needs, that doesn’t change when the parents break up. When you break up and can’t come to a mutual agreement on who the children live with, or when each person gets the see the kids, and who makes the major life choices for the children then you will need legal help. Los Angeles child custody lawyers are there to help those who are in need of getting a child custody agreement in place. Child custody is more than just visitation. Child custody is also relating to the major decisions on behalf of the child such as where they go to school and the medical care they receive.


In Los Angeles, many judges will rule in favor of the child. It is very rare that full custody is granted. There are instances when a parent is given no legal custody but is still given physical custody to a degree. There are many ways that custody can play out, you will want to have a flexible idea of how it could end. You will also want to tell your lawyer all the outcomes you would be okay with, you can’t expect to hire a lawyer and get full custody and that is it. The family law firm, Harris Family Law Group in Los Angeles is happy to help anyone who is in need a child custody agreement.

sex crimes attorneys in Washington D.C.

There are different types of sex offenders, and each type presents its own unique challenges for criminal defense lawyer. The most common types of sex offenders are:

1) Exhibitionists – These individuals derive sexual pleasure from exposing their genitals to unsuspecting victims.


2) Voyeurs – Voyeurs enjoy watching others engage in sexual activity, often without the participants’ knowledge or consent.


3) Pedophiles – Pedophiles are individuals who are sexually attracted to children, and often target victims who are pre-pubescent.


4) Rapists – Rapists use violence or threat of violence to force their victims into sexual activity.


5) Sexual Predators – Sexual predators are individuals who have a history of committing sex crimes, and often pose a high risk of re-offending.

Each of these types of sex offenders presents its own unique challenges for criminal defense lawyers. For example, exhibitionists may be more likely to plead guilty if they know that their name and photograph will be published in the local newspaper, while pedophiles may be more likely to attempt to flee the country if they know they are being investigated by the police.


It is important for criminal defense lawyers to understand the different types of sex offenders, as this knowledge can help them to build a more effective defense strategy. If you are facing criminal charges for a sex crime, it is essential to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can advise you on how best to proceed. Contact Lotze Mosley, LLP today for a free consultation.

Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyer

Injuries can come from all different kinds of accidents. In a car accident you can be injured pretty badly. Albuquerque car accident lawyers have seen some people who were left with broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even the need for amputations after their car accident. Each person involved in a car accident has a different experience. No two cars hit each other the same way, just like no two people involved in an accident have the same injuries. It is important to hire Ruhmann Law Firm an Albuquerque personal injury law firm, because they don’t treat any two cases the same. They will use the experience they have in other car accident cases to make yours better, but they won’t do everything the same.  Your case needs to be treated like its own case. Your attorney needs to make sure you get the compensation that you need, not what other people would need.


Car Accidents happen all over Albuquerque, with many people driving cars it means an accident is more likely. Not every car accident leaves people injured or in need of an attorney. But if you are injured it is important to hire a lawyer. If you were not the one at fault for the car accident then you have a chance at getting some financial compensation. Ruhmann Law Firm are a personal injury law firm in Albuquerque who want to get you the maximum amount of compensation. The worse your injuries are the more compensation you can fight for. If you were injured you want to take account of all your injuries. You don’t want to leave anything out incase medical bills begin to pile up.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

If you were injured in a car accident you will want to hire a Tampa car accident lawyer. This lawyer will be your best asset. Your lawyer will be the one who helps you determine who was at fault for this accident. It is so vital that you are open and honest with your attorney. Your attorney can’t help you if they do not have all the facts. Leaving anything out can hurt your case greatly, because if it comes up from the other side and your lawyer was blindsided, it won’t have a good outcome. MLG Injury are a personal injury law firm in Tampa who will fight for you, but you have to give them all the information. You can’t have a strong and complete case if they do not have all the facts. If you were injured in this car accident, it is also important to be sure that you have no internal injuries. Which is why seeing a doctor is also a great idea after an auto accident.


Anytime an injury is involved it is best for you to consider calling a Tampa car accident lawyer. This lawyer will help guide you through the entire process. If you are unsure of which attorney to hire, you can always set up an initial free consultation. Having this consultation can help you get a feel for the law firm, and also help you understand what legal options you really have. The Tampa personal injury law firm, MLG Injury does offer an initial free consultation. This way you can explain the accident and your injuries to an attorney before you have to hire them. Hiring them quickly though can be in your best interest.

Irvine Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury accident can happen to anyone. There are so many different reasons in every single day that you could be the victim in a personal injury accident in Irvine. These injuries from these accidents can be pretty severe. It is important to hire a lawyer if you were injured in a personal injury accident. You could have just been walking down the street and car lost control, making you the newest victim in a pedestrian accident. Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP are a personal injury law firm in Irvine, who have handled countless different types of personal injury cases. These cases range from pedestrian accidents to truck accidents that ended in a wrongful death. To see if this law firm handles your type of personal injury cases, set up an initial consultation with them. Here is where you can go over all the details of both your accident and your injuries.


The injuries of these accidents can be life threatening which is why it is so important to get these injuries checked out. You want to get your injuries looked at right after the accident. You will then want to contact an Irvine personal injury attorney. They will be the ones fighting for your compensation. They understand that this compensation is important to you, and it can be life changing. The Irvine personal injury law firm, Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP will do what they can to get you the most amount of compensation possible. In their career they have recovered compensation for their past clients. Helping people is their passion, allow them to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

A Downey Family Law Attorney

If you are located in Southern California, and you are in need of a family lawyer your best option is The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro. This law firm is very involved in their cases. They treat each one as it is the most important case they will ever get. They understand that every family law case in Downey is very important and can affect the rest of your life. Which is why this law firm takes their job very seriously. They make sure to give you their full attention and will not push you aside if your case is too difficult. The Downey family law firm, The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro has great experience in various family law cases, meaning they have the ability to take on whatever you case grows to be. You want to be sure your lawyer can handle your case whether it is super simple or very complex.


You really do need a family lawyer who is going to discuss the entire process to you. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro family law firm in Downey will make sure you leave their office with full comprehension that you know what your legal rights are, how this process is going to go, and what this type of case will cost you. The more transparent they can be the better. It is very meaningful to have a Downey family law attorney who cares about you and wants what is in your best interest. You deserve to have your rights protected and do not settle for anything less when hiring a family law attorney.

Orange Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

Same-sex marriages have been legal in all 50 states since the Supreme Court ruling in 2015. Even though same-sex couples had to fight for their right to get married, it doesn’t mean that every marriage works out. Nearly half of all opposite couples marriages end in divorce. Same-sex couples in San Bernardino, California are still in need of divorce lawyers. Sometimes not every marriage is meant to last. It is important to hire a same-sex divorce attorney San Bernardino that is not bias. You need an attorney that is going to treat you the exact same as they would treat any other client. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb are a family law firm in San Bernardino, who treat everyone who comes into their office with respect, kindness, and the same. They have no judgement and no bias. They are also a really good law firm. They have been practicing family law for years and have handled countless different kinds of divorce cases in their day.


While the laws are the same in any divorce, same-sex divorces can be a little bit more complicated. In many situations these couples had been together and lived together long before they got married, meaning their property rights may be longer than their marriage. Any property the San Bernardino couple had together during marriage or domestic partnership is now considered community property. This will need to be divided up in a divorce. If children were involved child support and custody will need to be discuss. Hire Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a San Bernardino family law firm that have enough experience in different family law cases that they handle yours.

sports litigation attorneys in Los Angeles

What is the importance of sports litigation law?

Sports litigation is a very important type of law today because sports are one of the biggest industries in America. Millions upon millions of people watch sports every day, and billions more watch them on television or online. Athletes get paid huge salaries to play games that they love for our entertainment. The industry makes billions of dollars every year. The money in sports, however, is only part of the story when it comes to why sports law is so important today.


Since sports are such a large industry, naturally there are going to disputes that arise from time to time. Some athletes might get into fights with one another over contracts or other things, and they might end up having to go through litigation in order to resolve their issues. Sometimes, fans will get into fights at games and even cause riots. It is not unheard of for sports leagues and teams to be sued by fans who claim that they have been wronged in some way.


There is also the issue of doping and performance-enhancing drugs. Many athletes take these drugs in order to be able to compete with other athletes who are taking them, but they can cause serious injuries or even death if they are not taken correctly. The athlete might also get into disputes over the ownership of trademarks, which could affect their ability to make money through endorsements. If any of these types of issues crop up, you will have to hire a sports litigation attorney in Los Angeles who can help you resolve the problem.

It is important for athletes and fans alike to understand what types of issues they might face when it comes to sports law so that they know what their legal rights are if they find themselves involved in any lawsuits.

Contact us At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP, our skilled sports litigation attorneys focus on producing end-to-end solutions for our clients, no matter where they operate in California.

Child Support Lawyer Near Los Angeles

When you have a child it is your financial responsibility to care for that child. You and the other parent are both responsible for feeding, housing, giving clothes, and school supplies for the child. In Los Angeles it is expensive taking care of yourself, and it can also be very expensive to take care of a child. Which is why often times in relationships both parties work to cover expenses and care for the child’s basic needs. When you break up it can be very difficult because you still need to care for yourself and your child, but now on one income. The child should not have to suffer because of this and that is why there is child support. A Los Angeles child support lawyer will explain how typically one parent has a little more time with the child, and the other has less. The parent who doesn’t care for the child as often is often the one that has to pay child support, but that is not always the case. Sometimes it is whoever makes more money has to pay the child support. The end goal of child support is for the child to have all their basic needs cared for.


Child support is not intended to be used to drain one parent of all their funds, the point is to ensure the child has clothes, food, and shelter at all times. Land Legal Group is a family law firm in Los Angeles, that knows in the state of California you cannot waive child support, because all law that involved children, it is what’s in the best interest of the child to be cared for. You want to hire a child support lawyer because as the parent who has to pay child support you don’t want to have to pay too much that you can no longer afford to feed yourself while still making sure the child is cared for. And as the parent receiving the funds for the child you want to make sure you are getting the proper amount to keep your child well. Call Land Legal Group if you have any questions regarding family law or child support.

Child Custody Attorney in Los Angeles

When you get divorced, separated, or you just broke up with your partner but there were children involved in the relationship, there is a high chance that you will need to contact a Los Angeles child custody attorney. The reason for this is, is because it is important for the child to see both parents, as well as it is important for both parents to see the child. Many people try to create their own child custody agreements, but when there is not a court order things can get very complex. One of the parents can try to refuse you to see the child, even though you two had a verbal agreement of every other week. The other parent can try to keep your child away from you, or they can try to ignore the child. This is why having a court ordered child custody agreement in Los Angeles can be hugely beneficial for structure purposes.


Land Legal Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles who have handled an abundant of child custody cases. Many people often believe that the mother will be sided with if they try to take their case to court. This is not the case. The courts in Los Angeles do not favor the mother over the father, their goal is to make the best decision for the child. The child’s best interest is what is taken into consideration. There are times the father is awarded more visitation rights than the mother. Don’t let this common misconception get in the way of you asking for time with your child. Your attorney will also preface your case with the fact that they want you to get visitation but that what is best for the child is the most important thing.